Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Review of my help hub

I've joined affiliate programs like Click Bank and Commission Junction and I've so far never earned a dime from them. Not that these are bad programs, just they haven't earned me anything. In fact, I've never earned a dime on any affiliate program until now. I joined my help hub last month and have already made one sale and have a new affiliate under me. Not bad for just 7 days with very little promotion. has an Alexa ranking of 23,899 in the United States and 13,022 for the UK. This means that it ranks fairly well with the search engines.

The things I like so far are:

It is free and has a two-level affiliate system. I make a percentage of all sales generated from my links and if an affiliate signs up under me I get 5% of all their sales.

Payments: Credited through my PayPal account. No quotas of sales nor minimum dollars for pay out. I can set my payment frequency to daily, weekly, or monthly.

Website is easy to understand and navigate. Its not confusing and easy to find information and look up sales. It is also easy to create promotional links.

Great products. I'm big on self empowerment and law of attraction and self help. Many of the products fit that niche. My favorite product is the eight little books that have changed the world absolute secret package which in itself is inexpensive and is a great value.

Check them out for yourself at
My Help Hub

I'll continue to post updates on my progress marketing this free affiliate program.

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