Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Writing for Article Directories Brings More Website Traffic

For about a month now, I've been submitting articles to article directories as a way to bring in more traffic to my blog and various websites. The way this works is that you sign up with a directory and write articles or reviews about various products and topics and at the end of the article you can put an authors resource box which contains links to your websites or blogs. Ezine or newsletter publishers look for articles and include them in their publications and they must include your links if they use your article. It is free to both author and publisher.

Articles also rank on search engines as well, so people can find you not only if someone uses your article in a newsletter, but also if they do a search on your key words and your article ranks high enough. In most cases, you maintain the copywrights to your original writings so you can continue to use your materials for yourself or publish in multiple article directories. As always read the fine print in the agreements when you sign up.

I've noticed a good bump in my traffic as a result of doing this. Plus, a rekindling for the love of writing. You can publish in any categories from cooking, relationships, health, to marketing a business. You can put affiliate links in your author resource box or link to your blog or website. Just make sure your article matches the niche in your links.

Articles are generally reviewed by an editor, directory owner, or some other editorial staff and are then published on the directory. Articles can be rejected if they are felt to be to much of an advertisement, have to many links in the article body, have to many spelling or gramatic errors, or if there is not enough content in them. Don't let the thought of this detour you, because if you follow their guidelines, do a spell check before you submit an article this probably won't happen to you.

It does take time to get from written article to seeing it up on a article directory, so patience and persistence is key to making this work. Ezine Articles is one of the best directories because their search engine ranking is one of the highest but for a new author it takes about ten days for an article to get published. Experts Column article directory has a low search engine ranking and they take only 24 hours for an article to be published.

On my next post, I'll show you how to find directories that match your writing niche, and how to figure out how much traffic the directory recieves, so you can determine if sharing your writings with them is worth it.
Happy writing.
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