Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adding PayPal Buttons to your Blog or Website

The advantages of adding a Paypal button to your blog or website are huge. A buyer can directly purchase a product straight off your web page or blog. Paypal can also create subscription and donate buttons as well. You can even set up a page for your person to be redirected to after their payment is made. Best of all, its totally free and is relatively easy to set up. Here is how:
1. log in to your PayPal account. Signing up for one is free. If you need one
click here for the PayPal sign up link.
2. Choose the Go to my account link.
3. Click on the merchant services link.
4. Click on the buy now link. This will direct you to the page set up where you can create your PayPal buy now button. Look at the other options because with PayPal you can have your own shopping cart functions if you sell multiple products. You can also have gift certificate options as well as a donate button.
The instructions are easy to follow to obtain the html code that you paste in to your blog or website. For fun, I created a donate button in two minutes just to show how simple it really is.
Compared to spending money on hosting websites, I love the convenience of Paypal and the fact that relatively small fees are taken out at the time of purchase and only then, so there is no maintenance costs whatsoever.
Create your own PayPal buttons for your own products all for free.
This donate button does actually work if you click on it. My work at home for the visually impaired website is a labor of love and I hope to continue to keep it free for those who need it.

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