Friday, August 7, 2009

Limerick for The Internet Entrepeneur

If you build it they will come said the internet xen master
Monetize, add afilliate links, products content hurry work faster
search engines are ranking
while your downline is tanking
Build traffic with the traffic web blaster.

Google ads, Amazon click bank we're here for you free
just put up our links and soon you will see
Money is rolling
but like the pins in bowling
None seems to fall down for me.

I click, learn html, php, and its all I can think
to stay ahead of the next innovative product or link
before something new
blows me in to
a path where my key words sink.

I know this stuff works, but I'm getting frustrated
I've researched, read reviews and contemplated
which products to use
from so many to choose
wait, wait, someone just bought something I'm elated!

If you can relate to that attempt at a limerick, feel free to pass it on. Hope it made you laugh. Just reference my blog please.
Happy Clicking!

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