Monday, January 9, 2012

Making Money Using Your IPhone

I use my i-phone to do everything from paying the bills, reading for pleasure, and keeping organized, but did you know that you can make money from a free app? Here's how.

Field Agent offers a way to turn your i-phone in to a source of income that is simple, and although, you won't want to quit your day job, why not earn some extra money while running your typical errands? All you need is to know how to follow instructions, take a decent picture with your camera,and to be at a specific location on a certain day. Hours are flexible in that you check available jobs in your area, read the detailed instructions to see if you want to do the job, accept and complete your task, and within a day your account is credited and you can have the money you earned sent to your PayPal account. There are no earning minimums for a payment to be processed and there are no quotas on when you work or how often you work.

Jobs range in price from $3 to $8 and usually consist of going to a place of business, finding and taking a picture of a display or product, and then answering a question or two, then emailing in your results. Think secret shopper with a slightly different twist.

Companies need feedback on how stores display their products and have specific agreements on product placement, and this is a way for them to make sure their products are displayed in a manner that fits there desires. They can get multiple feedback from multiple stores all across the country without having to hire consultants or pay for transportation costs, and field agents can earn a little extra money as they go about their day. In the last month, jobs have been available at Costco, Walmart, and Walgreen's to name a few.

There are no fees to become a field agent and the app is free at the Apple store. You do need to provide your email, and there is a long survey that is optional, although they say you will have more task listings show up if you fill in the questionnaire. I chose to fill in the survey and have so far not had any email or junk mail associated with the application. Remember, as always to read the fine print, and the reviews given by other people at the app store.

For those that don't drive or have no interest in looking at store shelves, the app says that demographic paid surveys are offered occasionally, but I have not noticed any in the two months I've been using this application.

I live in a large city, and if I drove, there are at least three jobs a day within 20 miles of my home that I could complete. Keep in mind that if you are in a rural area your options may be limited due to how many other agents are in your vicinity and how many major chain stores are nearby. Field agent is available in the USA, and in some other countries, so check at the app store.

For those using voice over, I've found the app to be mostly accessible, and I did need some help with some questions on the survey which did not conform to voice-over gesture commands. Although, I have not found any tasks that are within walking distance and do not require the use of the camera, this may work for someone who is low vision. I'll update this post should that change.

I've found the i-phone to be an amazing tool, and I wonder what people will think up next. Maybe you can go from checking email to going to work if you try the field agent program.

Note: I am not affiliated with Field Agent, but am just sharing the information. Other reviews of this program can be found by searching in any search engine.

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